Day 44.Getting into the groove?


Ok, so it’s all gone a bit Pete Tong of late. I’m obviously eating (and drinking) too much and my weight has taken a massive swing in the wrong direction. After a bit of sulking, I’m gritting my teeth and focusing on where I want to be, not where I am. A good month has to start somewhere, and that somewhere is probably just a good day, followed by another good day, followed by another good day..

I don’t make great choices to be honest. This morning EC gave me a lemon & poppyseed muffin. It was supposed to be a fast day. Yeah, well that clearly didn’t happen. However, even though my gym class was cancelled, I dragged my ass off the couch & did a 5K walk with Lesley Sansone followed by a rather interesting Body Combat class (a woman kept standing in front of the camera!) from the comfort of my living room, all thanks to the wonders of YouTube. It seems that maybe I don’t have as big a problem with exercise as I do with food.

How do you guys stay on track, nutritionally? Do you stay within your TDEE? Or do you do something else entirely? Any help appreciated 🙂 x


Day 41. It’s all going horribly wrong

Ok, a tad dramatic maybe, but I’ve pretty much lost the plot. OH is definitely a bad influence on my eating habits and having spent the past 4 days with him it’s going to take a feat of will-power to undo the damage. I’ve eaten masses of chocolate, croissants, potatoes, cheese, bread, biscuits, ice cream and drunk rather a lot of wine. According to My Fitness Pal I over did the calorie intake on Sunday by 1200! When my TDEE is 1450 that’s quite some greedy guzzling & the scales are displaying a scary figure. As is my bedroom mirror.

Tonight we ate at a lovely gastro pub just up the road which had their re-launch night tonight, following a fire earlier in the year. Fantastic food. I nearly killed myself with 2 Body Coach HIIT workouts before heading to work, in order to not have such a staggering deficit. Heart rate hit 172 at one point; to put that in perspective, my resting HR is around 51-54.

Tomorrow I’m determined to fast, so that will be around 375 cals. Add in a spinning class followed by body pump and I might just start to feel back on track. Or just death-like.

How do you guys manage to not mindlessly eat whilst watching a movie – any tips? X

Days 37&38. Working hard

So the past couple of days I’ve been working hard & eating well but I’m feeling pretty tired as I write this post.

Yesterday was a fast day but I struggled with it so had a meal at lunchtime. M&S came up trumps with their Fuller Longer range & I had a chicken tikka with cauliflower meal. After work I spent 3hrs at the gym – Pilates then weights followed by Body Combat with my new gym buddies. Last week I was chest pressing 25kg but yesterday I only managed 20kg. I guess some days are easier than others.

Today I’ve rested my body – just a long walk tonight with OH which was great. This was after a delicious dinner of M&S lamb shish kebabs in a flour wrap with tzatziki & salad. We are now home with a cup of tea & the olympics on tv. And a box of maltesers…

Day 45. Desperate measures

This morning’s post on Facebook: 

(2 of my colleagues), I’m relying on you. If you see me loitering near any treats today, hit me. Hit me hard. It’s black coffee, green tea or water only on the drink front. If you hear me trying to bribe HR to put a dash of soy in my cup, hit me. If you see me wavering by the mayo, hit me. Basically, at any given point, feel free to give me a slap. 

I’d just like to point out that this is a one-time offer only available to those mentioned in this post. No queuing up to inflict physical harm on my personage thank you. Stand down all of you.

Day 42.Oh poop.

So here I am. Weigh in was today & the results are pretty dire.

Managed a fast day – 350kcals on the button (allegedly) so that’s good. M&S hot smoked salmon with broccoli, peas, a tiny bit of feta crumbled up and a spoon of tzatziki, plus water, water & more water, black coffee and 2 cups of tea with soya milk. Nice.

Tonight I pushed myself to get my ass to the gym. 45min spin class followed by 1hr BodyPump. I treated myself to 10mins in the jacuzzi before heading home.

I’m now all tucked up in bed & hoping that I can get back on track. Night all xx

Day 36. It’snotasbadasiexpected

So after the horror of seeing 120lbs on the scale yesterday, 117. 2 is a distinct improvement. That said, I’ve managed to cut my total loss in half! Still, as I keep reminding myself, this is a journey, and a sustainable one at that.

Today has dawned bright and sunny – I’d toyed with the idea of doing a Body Coach workout this morning as I’m on ‘a Norman’ (normal shift) so have a few extra minutes but the lure of my bed was too strong so I languished for an extra 15 minutes instead. I’m sooo tired today, I usually have no difficulty rousing myself and facing the day but this morning wasn’t one of those days. I feel sluggish and grumpy. Will need to shake that off before getting to the office; everyone is feeling overworked and stressed at present – we all have 2 interviews each to conduct this week, which also adds to the workload as each one needs writing up in a way that the rest of the team feel they know the candidate.

A friend and colleague has recently been diagnosed with gall stones and told that the situation is life threatening. I had never imagined such a scenario and it has made me think – if I knew that eating cake/cheese/whatever could kill me, would I stop? Now, I know this sounds like a silly, rhetorical question, but really? Would I? Would I be really disciplined and just cut whatever it was out? Would I do it with good grace and not make a drama out of it or would I be bad-tempered and make everyone else’s lives a misery? I know that sometimes I am out & really want a cup of tea. I go to a tearoom/café/coffeeshop and ask for an Earl Grey tea with soy milk “sorry, we don’t have soy” – now, sometimes I’ll say “that’s ok, I’ll have a black coffee” but sometimes (shame on me) I behave like a toddler & have a bit of a strop. I have friends who are coeliac; one is very disciplined and gracious about her condition but the other will still have the things she isn’t allowed because ‘it’s only a little slice’. Then there are smokers or people who drink to excess who are making themselves ill but continue. It’s not a no-brainer after all, is it?

Well that’s enough musing for one morning. Time to get to work! Have a great day everyone (and if you’re coeliac, please don’t eat that gluten-laden slice of cake!!) xx

Day 35. Time to rest my liver

Well what a brilliant few days! Friday morning I headed to London where I negotiated the underground system and made it to Paddington to catch my train to my BFF’s house. Does anyone else think that Paddington is a pretty depressing station? Beautiful structure, woeful content. Anyway, made the connection and off I went, through rolling countryside. So far, so good huh? Yeah, hold that thought. We are now approaching the relevant stop. I get my stuff together and make my way to the carriage door. I remember the BFF telling me that the doors are tricky but I’ve never had to manage them before as the guard has always done it for me, however as we come into the station there is no guard alongside my section. Eeeeek. I pull the window down & reach out of it to open the door where the handle is conveniently situated on the OUTSIDE. Now, as you know, I’m a short-arse, added to which I’m wearing trainers. This means that I can barely reach the handle, but then when I do, I’m totally unbalanced and as the door swings open, yep, you’ve got it, I travel with the door. I’m now on tiptoes, stretching out through the train door, upper body through the window, toes just on the carriage floor. Unfortunately however, the door continues to swing open. I have now left the carriage and an dangling, complete with rucksack and bouquet of flowers (for BFF) through a train window. I now see 3 guards plus the BFF all watching me in complete bewilderment. To say I had sweaty palms would be an utter understatement. I knew I had to let go but how? My entire upper body is one side of the door and my lower is the other. In the end I tilted and somehow managed to avoid face planting on the platform. One of the guards walks up to shut the door behind me and graciously says ‘nice save’. Funny guy.

After that, there’s not much to say other than I have a wonderful BFF, had a brilliant time, ate & drank too much but walked loads and swam 1/2 mile each day. According to my bathroom scales, I’ve put on 4lbs which will make for an interesting tally tomorrow. Yeah, you know those 2.5lbs I’ve lost over the past 5 weeks? Um, well i’m now 1.5lbs heavier than when I started. By way of trying to remedy the situation, I did a fast day today (unsurprisingly) – M&S lamb pilaf, very nice indeed, plus both a Zumba & Body Combat class. I’m exhausted. Night night xx